Give Me My Ticket to Ride!

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Ahoy there, my land-loving Fluffies~! :3 I have the perfect game for you~~ :) It's all about staying inland and crafting your way throughout the United States with your own trains! You pave your way by either being a Tracker or a Visionary... Or you might even last long enough to see yourself become something bad... Ladies and Gentle Fluffies... I present to you... Ticket to Ride by Days of Wonder~!

Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure in which players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America. - Days of Wonder

All you have to do is score the highest number of points by choosing one (or more~!) of the following:

a. Claiming a route between two cities on the map - I'd like to call this person.. the Tracker~!
b. Completing the longest continuous path of routes. - Meet the visionary!

Easy Peasy? Well~~ Okay, maybe not~! :3 There is a role where you channel your conniving self. A role that the Fluffyheads love to play. A role that involves tricks and pranks to their co-players, the Villain. A story (or a game!) needs a villain to create drama and excitement! It's all about creating a gain for yourself that becomes a loss for the next player~ Try not to take it personally.. Otherwise you might lose a friend or two!

What do we think?

I think I see what you're thinking, "Railroads?!" I kid you not, an amazing board game session is just one step of imagination away~! My experience with Ticket to Ride ranged from playing the physical game to the online game~ I enjoyed the physical game more, because I could interact with human beings! (Also, real-time reactions would mean more laughs~!) I enjoyed seeing the roles of Tracker, Visionary and Villain unfold and it definitely made the game more exciting. By itself, Ticket to Ride is well thought and incredibly simple to play. A few turns in just one game would get you going already! It is an exercise to the brain to figure out contingency plans (when Villains block your way) and figuring out how to hit two birds (goals!) with one train track at a time! Also~~ Did I tell you that this game is best for newcomers to the board gaming world? :)

10 different ways to play the game (see the list below~!), 5 persons (even countless if you decide to take turns~!) and unlimited hours of fun~!! And you know what's the next best thing? If you opt for the ultimate portable choice... There's an app! Ticket to Ride is available on Apple Appstore, Google Play, Kindle Fire and Steam! If you want my opinion.. I say go for the physical~! There is a rather unexplainable joy when you are actually holding the board game in your hands. :)

The game/s are available here but... If you are a Fluffy from the Philippines, there is another online store for you~!! Check out Ballista Games for a more local feel and a more local price~!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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P.S. Here are a list of the expansions:

1. Europe - There are now tunnels! Also, it seems this game is not just for land-loving Fluffies anymore~! Ferries introduced here!! :)
2. Märklin - Germany
3. Nordic Countries
4. Card Game (A more portable choice if you ask me~!)
5. Map Collection
6. USA 1910
7. Europe 1912
8. Dice Expansion
9. Alvin & Dexter
10. The Halloween Freighter