The Useless Web

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Hello there my dear Fluffies~!! I'm back~!! I'm back~!!! :D After a tiring day of doing absolutely nothing.. Let's do something useless.. :3

Welcome to The Useless Web! Just click on the button and voila~! A whole new website comes out with absolute nonsense~! Just click on the button that says, "Please!" and you're good to go~~ Here are some of my favorites~!

1. Is my computer on?
2. Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet?
3. Cat Bounce
4. Staggering Beauty

Useless? Pretty much~!! It certainly gives me something to smile about during the day though~ :) Also~~ If you have a useless website my dear Fluffies that would fit right into The Useless Web, you can even submit it to Tim Holman~! Pssst~~ You can find the submit link on the website too~! Just look for words on the website~!

Thanks a whole lot to Fred Ba-a for giving us the website! Now we can't stop looking and smiling at this~!

Important Note: My dear parent Fluffies, there are a LOT of flashing images that may cause harm to your children's eyes. Some may cause seizures just like the porygon episode from Pokemon. Also take good care of yourselves too~! It's best to be in a well-lit room and the resolution toned down to a minimum and not have it on full screen.

Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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