5 Amazingly Weird Facts of You

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Oh~! I bet you just came in here and thought, "maybe some famous person.." Well, here you are my dear Fluffy and I'm here to talk about the amazing you! me! them! us! All of us and our amazing human bodies! Today could be one of those days where you're wondering what things could our bodies do?! Read on my dear Fluffies, and discover more new things of our amazing bodies!

Your stomach needs to produce a new layer of mucus every now and then to stop from digesting itself.
We all know we have acid in our tummies to help us digest the food we eat. A lining that keeps this acid at bay so our tummies can stay safe~! Usually done every two weeks, (yes our bodies know~!!), this is replaced to help our tumtum~!!

The most sensitive cluster of nerves are at the base of the spine.
Your spine is the nerve center from your brain to the rest of your body! If you sever that, it would mean paralysis.

Your tongue provides a clue to your overall health.
If your tongue is pink with a thin white film, that just means you have some bacteria on your mouth.. If it's red, you're lacking iron and vitamin B.. (hint: eat some dark chocos~!) A purple tongue? It's best to go to the doctor because that means you have high cholesterol!! :(

There are nerve impulses that travel at about 250mph, faster than a Formula 1 race car.
And your nerves should be faster~!!! I don't know what will happen to me if it took me 5 minutes to realize that holding a burning stick is hurting me! The one thing even more amazing, is how our brain decodes the messages and let's us react right on time!

Your body glows!
Boy, they really weren't kidding about the "Glow" foods~!! I'm kidding.. It's actually more on chemical reactions happening inside your body that releases energy and produces heat. In that process, the body also releases a small number of photons which scientifically are particles of light.

That's it~! See how amazing your body is? And it's so amazing how this design just makes our bodies work!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!