25 Days For Christmas! Prepare the Sweets

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Welcome to Days Before Christmas~! :) Basically 25 days of anything we need to do before Christmas is upon us~! More on this tomorrow, for a very special reason! :)

Day 1: Prepare the Sweets

How can I prepare the sweets when I am in such torment that Hostess is stopping the production of Twinkies? It's bit of old news really, but I still cannot get over it..

It all started when I was 12, back when sugar high is my ticket to heaven. Those delightfully delicious filling made my holidays sweeter and definitely hyper!! If those Twinkies are gone, then all of us would have another piece of our childhood taken away from us.

Basically, all my feelings sum up on the video below. Check it out..

Save the Twinkies by NigaHiga

For the meantime, what are your favorite sweets during the holidays?

Keep your tummies and heads stuffed~!!

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