Tripe Feature : Mishap, Memory and Presents

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Day 13: Holiday Mishap by Random Rae

My mother used to send a lot of gifts to our relatives all over the world, and I was her little helper. Every year we'd gather multiple presents, wrap them in same-colored gift wrappers and label the name of each relative. And I have been begging my mother for months to let me do all the labeling. It's easy, follow all the gifts and label each gift with the name of the relative.

"I'm old enough for this! I know how to do this!" I said. My mother sighed and gave up the long-awaited pen. This was it! It was my time to shine with my unique handwriting and for sure all of my relatives would be quite proud to see my handwriting on their gifts!

Now, you know where this is going~~To make the long story short... It was a VERY expensive holiday mishap. I ended up being grounded in January (around the time they started receiving the gifts) and was banned from labelling the gifts ever again. I only got that privilege back when I turned 18. >_

Day 14: Best Christmas Memory by Techie Tony

My best Christmas memory comes with great achievement and pride, Christmas 2012. After years of working my butt off and weighing multiple options, I have finally decided to break a little bit of my bank account balance.

No. I'm not telling you to seize the day and go off buying all the things you want. It's about RESPONSIBLE buying. I am telling you to wait until you save some money, do research and some price canvassing. What made this the best memory wasn't because I was able to buy stuff. This was the best because I was RESPONSIBLE and PATIENT enough to buy the gadgets that fulfill my needs and my wants at the same time. It also didn't leave me broke, but it left me with just enough.

Here's a part of my loot:


Day 15: Kris Kringle by Random Rae

Otherwise known as Secret Santa in the United States, is the process of choosing a name and getting that person a gift. I've been quite busy this year, I've joined multiple Secret Santas for multiple groups. I'm just glad that the revelations don't happen on the same day. Or else, I'll end up committing my holiday mishap again.

Here is what I received from my first Secret Santa revelation... No, I don't care if the cover wasn't tastefully done as the artistically inclined covers of the previous Tolkien books.. The thought is what matters the most and I'm happy my secret santa went through lengths to get me this book.


Here are some of the gifts that I'm preparing for the different Secret Santa revelations.


Keep your heads stuffed~!

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