25 Days for Christmas #4... Dish of the Fluffies!

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The Fluffyheads were meant to have their paths crossed, the Dish of the Fluffies was one and the same.

Ham and Spaghetti. A fusion of the east and the west.

Oh no, I didn't. I just made ham from the east, huh? I actually meant, Chinese ham. Chinese Ham and Spaghetti Bolognese are the absolute perfect pair. Truly a match made in heaven~! Sweet and sour also seem to be the preferred taste of the Fluffyheads. hmmm.. makes our mouths water just by thinking about it..

My mother would a buy this small package of ham and sliced it thinly~ And this would last me for a week! The spaghetti? Well, it will only see a day as a leftover. Once, I get my hands on some milk, I just eat it all away.

Nathan and Tony have different memories of the spaghetti. They claimed that their mothers get both sweet ham and make sweet spaghetti. Who doesn't want sweet stuff?? And on the two most memorable holiday dishes too!

What about you my dear Fluffies? What are your signature holiday dish? =)

Keep your heads and tummies stuffed~!!

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