Double Day Feature!

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You guessed it right, Fluffies! The perfect location to spend the holidays would also be place to watch your favorite flicks as you while the time away! :)

The perfect location to spend the holidays is at home. I'm not telling you that it's at your house. I'm telling you to spend it at home.. The place you call home, is up to you. It's the first place that comes into your mind when you think of the holidays. The tiny log cabin in the mountains.. the apartment in the big city.. the house in the suburbs..

Here in the FluffyHeadquarters, we love to sleep in. Thus, we like to stay in the comfort of our own houses for the holidays! And without fail, the movie we always watch is The Grinch, the original version. Why? The movie gives us an inspiring message. It's the kiddie way on reflecting on what YOU have been all through the years.

Remember, the holidays are all about spreading goodwill and cheer to everyone around you. We like to start with our families, because we have taken them for granted for so many months because of our jobs. No words needed. Just snuggling up on the pillows and watching the flick to get you all together. =)

What about you, Fluffies? What is home to you? What do you do at home? Let us know!

Keep your heads stuffed!

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