Rae's Youtube Cuteness Overload

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Welcome to Rae's Youtube Cuteness Overload : Toddler Edition~!!

There are so many cutie patooties in Youtube and with agreement here in the FluffyHeadquarters, here is our list of the best cutie patoootiie videos in Youtube!

It all started out as a way to curb our bored minds~! I was surfing around Youtube and I arrived at the cute section... and we got stuck there for the whole day. In my defense, I wasn't the only squealing in delight from this little kids' uber cuteness and adorable little actions~!!

Take a look at the videos below and be prepared for the cuteness and that warm fuzzy feeling to fill you up inside~!

#5 - When Daddy Comes Home
#4 - Daddy's Home! But wait.. What's that?
#3 - Baby and Daddy Sleeping
#2 - I'm sorry Mama!
#1 - Dancing to Daddy's Guitar

There you have it my dear Fluffies!! The best videos to end your weekend and staring the week right! Aren't they just so adorable??

Keep your heads stuffed~!!