Random Rae

Random Rae
Rae has a penchant for the adorable, domestic and/or weird stuff! An avid reader, she goes off scouring for interesting books. She also loves cutie patootie games that just scream, ADORABLE~!

The one thing she likes best? Getting freebies and spreading the word to the entire world. These are the informative, fun and sometimes weird stories told by the undeniably Random Rae.

Cooking with Photos

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You, my dear fluffies, make me smile everyday! And I have something to show you~! The Photo Cookbook is like a private cooking course in your own kitchen with an experienced cook who clarifi...read more about Cooking with Photos

Doodling Time~!!!

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Doodling is innate in all of us~ Even when we were children, we have used doodles to express our ideas and thoughts to everyone around us. And, we always get mixed reactions from the adults....read more about Doodling Time~!!!

2013 Dieting Blues

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Ahhhhh~~~~ January 1... No more excuses for binge-eating and you need to lose the extra fats just in time for Valentine's Day. And nooo~~~ My dear Fluffies... You need to lose that extra fat...read more about 2013 Dieting Blues