Random Rae

Random Rae
Rae has a penchant for the adorable, domestic and/or weird stuff! An avid reader, she goes off scouring for interesting books. She also loves cutie patootie games that just scream, ADORABLE~!

The one thing she likes best? Getting freebies and spreading the word to the entire world. These are the informative, fun and sometimes weird stories told by the undeniably Random Rae.

Digital Eye Strain

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Let's talk about our eye health, shall we? Everyday, we face our computers for long hours. Very true for me, because I work in the I.T. field and i stare up to 12 hours at my computer.. I go...read more about Digital Eye Strain

Little pick me ups

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The holidays are near my dear fluffies.. The work is getting harder and harder.. Everything from work to personal life is bottling up and you just want to disappear from it all! Take my litt...read more about Little pick me ups

Sword Art Online

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Imagine a MMORPG that is virtual.. You put on your helmet, go into a sleep state and bring your consciousness into another world. You take on a character, another you with a whole set of cha...read more about Sword Art Online

Carrot Fantasy

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Carrot Fantasy is cutie-patootie Tower Defense game with uber cute graphics! The objective of the game is very easy! All you have to do is to protect the cute carrot from the mean little mon...read more about Carrot Fantasy