2 sides of Japanese Inventions

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There are a lot of interesting things going on in Japan~

Cooking Simulator Guides You to Cook a Perfect Steak Everytime
Move Over Cooking Mama! Rae is addicted to Cooking Mama. She plays them on her Nintendo Wii, and on her Nintendo DS Lite. She has almost completed the many versions of Cooking Mama. Sadly, despite her Cooking Mama addiction, she still cannot get her "home-cooked" dishes right. I have all authority to say this, since Nerdy Nathan and I, are living (shockingly) witnesses of her cooking.

Hey Rae, maybe this will help.

A cooking simulator made by a research group in Tokyo Institute of Technology, makes use of a virtual spatula, physical frying pan and inputs from both materials. You stand over a half mirror to see a 3D representation of the ingredients that you placed, and see the different changes as you "cook". The system is known to calculate the temperature, the moisture as it evaporates, and the color changes as you cook your meat and vegetables.

It's a very good idea, considering their aim is to help cooks estimate better. (Rae, are you reading this???) Now, I wonder how much this thing costs, and when we can get a hold of it.

Meanwhile, on another side of the mind of Japan's brilliant creators...

Interactive Poster Moves Before and After Kissing
Apparently, one student thought it was disturbing that his idol posters weren't moving. I find it disturbing that the student thought of that in the first place. Students have created an interactive poster that reacts upon the distance between you and the sensor. As you go nearer, the image changes to a preparation stance for kissing, and as you back away it smiles and blushes! It was said to be well-received by the users who tried it out but felt it lacked something.

Out of all the feedbacks and suggestions that they have received. They have considered on incorporating the following: the smell of shampoo, the taste of the lips and even a whisper of, "I love you."

The thing is...
... the second invention will definitely sell more.

What about you? What do you think of these two entirely different inventions Fluffies? Check out the videos below for the demonstrations!

Keep your heads stuffed!

Cooking Simulator
Interactive Poster