5 Android Camera Apps Emulate DSLR Features

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We wrote about Snapsort yesterday, and now we want to go on the flipside. Instead of investing on a good camera, you invested on a good phone, which is mighty practical for us Fluffies. Not only do good smartphones carry good cameras, it's also a venue for developers to give us apps that would emulate DSLRs. We scoured Google Play Store and got to a lot of experimenting with 5 camera apps that emulate DSLRs. Man... are we excited to showcase them all to you!

Time-Lapse with Lapse-It Pro
Price: $1.99

I don't know about you Fluffies, but I sure am fan of time lapses.. As per Rae's sentiments, "It just gives me a sense of peace and a trigger of thoughts of time passing us by.." If you like time lapses then Lapse-It pro is definitely the camera app for you. You are given the choices of how to set the intervals, white balance, focus, and the works! Pop your phone on a sturdy stand or a "tripod" and you're good to go!

Burst Shots with Fast Burst Camera
Price: $3.99

Okay, so the new native camera app for android has burst shot. The edge of Fast Burst Camera? It can give you the type of Bursts you want. There's the single shot (obviously), 5- burst, Full Burst, Pre-shot and Motion Trigger. Motion Trigger caught my attention the most. As I've mentioned above, you just need a steady platform (i.e. a stand or a "tripod") to get on with the show. A tad mighty expensive though so I'm not sure if this is worth the money. (My verdict? Not worth it. It's too expensive for my taste and something as simple as this. Better stick with your native camera app.)

Bokeh with AfterFocus Pro
Price: $1.99

Most of the people think that Bokeh is those circle of lights with a blurry background. Wake up and redefine it! Bokoeh is simply as making your subject more prominent and letting the background blur away. (It's from a Japanese term, boke, meaning "haze" that comes from mental haze. No joke.) AfterFocus Pro will give you just that. 3 swishes are all you need and you'll be able to define the subject, mid background and the background. The results are sometimes favorable but we keep going on to the bad side of the bokeh. It's still worth a try and for somebody who's meticulous enough, you will truly enjoy this.

HDR with HDR Pro Camera
Price: $1.95

High Dynamic Range or HDR (Duh... I will slap you if you didn't get this.) plays on more of the exposure side. Teqit's HDR Pro Camera's main point is the ability to have better control of your exposure. There will be 3 shots, each shot with multiple levels of exposure. After taking the 3 shots, you will move to the next step which is a little bit like the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that gives you a play with the lights. Saturation, Brightness, Strength, Blur, Weight Saturation, Weight Exposedness and Weight Contrast are the workable levels of the 3 shots combined. After which you will then render the image to complete your HDR Rendering process.

Fave Camera App of all: Camera Pro 2.0
Price: $1.94

Okay, we cheated a little bit here, Camera Pro 2.0 is like the second version of HDR Pro camera, another product from Teqit. And this is our absolute favorite. Why? Through it all, all we wanted was a professional photographer app that would give us more control for our compositions. This is the app that gives very little room for regrets but a very big room for improvement. Unlike it's predecessors, this camera has about 7 main options for adjustments. You press a few buttons, choose the settings you wish, and start capturing.

Hold your complaining!!! These are just emulators so there is absolutely no sense for you to just go off comparing them to DSLRs. Not a chance bud. These are cheap choices on getting the most out of your already-good/amazing investment that is your smartphone. A buck or two won't hurt as long as you keep the buying to a minimum. We want you to choose carefully so tread lightly on the list of DSLR-feature-emulator apps you find and choose the most practical way!

Keep your heads stuffed!

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