Jot with Adonit Jot!

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Oh hey there! Have you ever tried making some sketches with your salami stylus? I have! Was I impressed? Nope! Did I go out and buy another one? Oh yes I did! I got meself an Adonit Jot Mini!

I found this little baby in a small accessories shop, and I thought, "Let's give it a try!" What caught my eye was this Adonit Jot Mini had a small precision tip! I bought it, brought it home and tried it. I wasn't disappointed. It was the most precise stylus I have ever used! It also helps that the stylus has an aluminum body and a stylish cap. Heavier than your normal salami stylus, the cap keeps everything clean and scratch free. The deciding factor in buying the mini was the mobile clip. As a guy, it really helps if your pens are able to clip onto your shirt or pants' pocket for added protection.

Here's their promotional video:

The Adonit website also shows us a bunch of apps that work well with the Adonit Jots. Since the Adonit Jots are designed more for the iPad so the apps are pretty much found in the iTunes App Store. It's a pity that not all apps are found in the other App Stores. Can't Android and Windows lovers get a break here? Don't worry. I saw this review that tried the Adonit Jot with a Windows Surface RT, and it got positive reviews. I'm optimistic about this stylus' future in this "sketchy" world. (I know. I know..) Sketchbook Pro is available for all platforms, I'm giving this a shot. To all you programmer Fluffies, they've also the SDK but it's on a request basis. It doesn't hurt to try though.

The Adonit Jot Mini retails for $21.99 USD and the Classic for $15.99 USD. Oh you got the cash? Fine, go for the Touch and prepare to give up $89.99 USD. Have you tried it?

Keep your heads stuffed!

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