Bookworms Unite and Rejoice!

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The new series of Kindles have come out, courtesy of Amazon. Here are Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD.

New Features

Crisp Pixels and Brighter Screens
The Paperwhite has 62% more and has 25% more better contrast than the previous Kindle E-Readers. Most bookworms read at night, that is a very known fact. I've know a lot of people who wished that the Kindle would light up on it's own rather than getting up and turning on the lamp. Definitely perfect for the nightowls because of the "patented" built-in light, the reading never stops!

Battery Life
The most basic Kindle can run up to a month but with Paperwhite, oh boy. It is said that it can run up to 8 weeks even with the light turned on! Talk about easy access and less hassle!

HD Resolutions
With a whopping 1900X1200 HD Display for the 8.9 and 1280X800 for the 7, it's bound to take you by a storm. Spending $199 USD for the fires is a good deal. This is definitely giving Google the challenge of coming up cheaper and cooler tables to win this battle.

Dual-Antenna and Dual-Band for Wifi
The new Kindle Fire HD even boasts of 40% faster downloads from the iPad 3! I'm not sure of this, but I'd like to definitely give it a go!

What about you? What do you think of the new Kindle E-Readers and the new Kindle Fires? That's all for now from me...Keep your heads stuffed!