Android Gaming Consoles Head to Head

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Android is now making waves in the console world, all thanks to two gaming consoles. These are contenders that have different aim and perspective on console gaming. Even the newest contender took me by surprise but it made sense.

Enough with this mandatory chitchat, it's time to get it on!

Ouya Gaming Console

Made for living room gaming, this console is strong. Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1 GB ram with 8 GB Internal storage and an HDMI port, it's a little android gaming console. It even has it's own wireless controller that looks like an elongated XBOX 360 controller. The controller also contains a touchpad, which is needed since most of the Android games.. well I don't know.. is built for touchscreens?? And at $99, this is an absolute dev's dream.

Take a look at their video:

I'm wary of this though. It's a Kickstarter project and raised too many enthusiastic backers. I back the idea and all, I'm not sure that as an end-user with no plans for development will be able to enjoy this fully. and... WAIT. Given the specs, shouldn't we just buy a huge Android tablet?

NVIDIA Project Shield

Everybody was shocked, but yet if you think about it... FINALLY! NVIDIA has been involved with the gaming world for so long, it has finally joined in the game. And on CES 2013.. Are we in for a treat!

In a PS VITA-esque gadget, this is the Project shield. It is packed with NVIDIA Tegra 4 Quad-Core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. I agree with The Verge's comment on "It doesn't just look like an xbox 360 controller, it feels like one as well." Actually, a controller with a 5-inch 720 dpi touchscreen attached to it. It doubles as an Android handheld as well. Here's another clincher, you got a Geforce GTX powered machine? Yeah, you can stream it.

Take a look at the sample of IGN's gameplay below:

There are three problems that I can think of.
1. The screen might be too near and there might not be a comfortable way of playing it.
2. Due to the need to play good games on a bigger screen, this won't be a wireless handheld most of the time. There will be a hdmi cable connected to the butt of the Shield and to your hi-def tv MOST of the time.
3. The price. THE PRICE. First off, you will spend for the GeForce GTX powered machine because you need to play your pc games on the pc. Second, when you buy the Shield, that will set you back even more.

Who Should Buy It?

For the kids? Don't spoil them too much. By now you might already have an Android handheld device, and if you don't have a Hi-Def tv, just hold off on buying the Ouya too. There are still a lot of reservations and the developers are still getting the first-hand look on it.

For yourself? Get the Shield. You won't regret it. Then again, the price might be too steep. If you want a little toy to tinker with, get the Ouya. Just let me warn you, you are gonna end up buying the Shield. No doubt about it. You can't get the Shield out of your mind.

If you have the finances? Get both. There's no end to toys.There is no excuse not to get the other one.

Here's a summary of the specs:


What do you think of the products? Let us know in the comments below!

Keep your heads stuffed!

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