Set the date again..for Apple

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"We've got a little more to show you." - Apple

Mark your calendars, Apple Fanboy Fluffies! Apple has decided to set another launch event on October 23 at the California Theatre, which hopefully would showcase the highly anticipated iPad Mini. Rumors have also surfaced that the new iMac and an even newer MacBook Pro is coming out.

The iPad Mini rumors have been swirling for almost a year now. It is speculated to have a 7.85 inch screen (o hai 7.7 inches Samsung Galaxy tab!!) and it only intensified when news came out that Apple suppliers were shipping out smaller screens and cases for them. Supposedly priced at around $250-$300 USD, some people have claimed that the iPad Mini would be Apple's new cash cow.

Really? The new cash cow? Everybody knew of Steve Jobs' apparent objection to smaller-sized tablets, and it's obvious why. If Apple comes out with a smaller sized tablet, it means they're following the trend. If this is all what we get, then I see no innovation but only preservation. You couldn't make it big with your current iPad? Then come out with better and more groundbreaking technologies that the world has never seen before!

Anyway, if the rumors of the new gadgets should be true, then... Apple, no weird captions on the website please (e.g. Renanoed!, Maximum Funness). You don't need that type of marketing strategy. You are definitely above that.

To the Apple Fanboys, don't be overly excited. Weigh your options first. This isn't the Apple that you know from before. Tread carefully on new product announcements. Make sure that you are getting cool new technologies, and not just literally an iPad Mini.

Keep your heads stuffed!