Earpods : the Review

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It's actually an accidental review…

Few weeks ago, the last of my earphones with an attached mic surrendered on me. Thus, the search for the best earphones has started.

Here are the following criteria:

1. No to in-ear

2. has an attached mic

3. durable

I was torn between two choices, Apple's Earpods and Philips SHE2675YB/98. The deciding factor for me was the durability factor. I've had multiple Philips earphones and headphones, and they all just went kaput after a year. However, my Apple earphones from the iPod Mini era is still working fine! That's 7 years and counting, definitely noteworthy. Everybody knows and shares the durability story of each Apple packaged earphones.

So far, the Earpods are amazing. I like the way that it has this non-invasive feel in my ear, a thing, that I usually get from in-ear earphones. The sound is definitely better because of the enhanced bass. The reviews I've read have indicated of more durability. Also, this new type of earphones is less rubbery, making it less susceptible to damage. The rubber in the previous earphones is also prone to itchiness for sensitive ears, whilst the new Earpods, don't. You just simply wipe it off and it's as good as new.

What about you Fluffies? Have you tried the new Apple Earpods? What other Non-In-Ear-with-Mic earphones have you tried?

Keep your heads stuffed!

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