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The rumors are true!! There were minute but very important changes:

iPhone 5

The Physical
Finally, they gave in to the trend of having bigger screens, 4 inches to be exact. It stands at 4.86 inches and wide at 2.86 inches, which is almost the same as the Samsung Galaxy S2. And for the first time, they now have the metal plate at the back! And yes, Siri is still there.. The camera is still 8 MP with a panorama shot. (Btw, the panorama shot is AVAILABLE to for all iPhones except, you need to have a physical hack first before you can access it.)

Since the new Macbooks have been introduced to Retina display, iPhone has followed suit into their footsteps. It's like saying, "Samsung has AMOLED, but we have Retina Display." It's good, and it would most certainly emphasize the colors more. I still have yet to compare the S3, S2 and the iPhone 5, and see if it's up to par with the Samsung flagship phones.

A6 processor
I've seen a lot of reviews of the hands-on and they claim that it's just a little bit faster than the iPhone 4S. However, that's really good enough for me... Nerdy Nathan has always raved about the coding standards of Apple, being clean, fast and definitely uniformed. The app changes, and overall UI performance have been raved about by the different reviews. It's definitely smoother and faster..

From Micro-Sim they just switched it even more to a NANO-SIM. Meaning, upgrading from your micro-sim phone, will be a lot harder now..

Honestly, this definitely looks better than it's predecessors. I still can't grasp the idea of how it should feel in my ears, though, since I never really liked the in-ear headphones. This will be the new earphones that will be shipped for every iPhone and iPod Touch/Nano/Shuffle you buy.

iPod Touch 5th Generation

It has the same physical appearance as the new iPhone 5, however, the camera is only 5 MP. It's about time they installed a better camera on the iPod Touch!! Then again, people are just going to use Instagram, so what difference does this make? And yes, it now includes Siri, but unlike the iPhone 5, it can only run on Wifi Connections and not on Cellular. It's also noteworthy that the iPod Touch also includes the Retina Display.

Another more noticeable change, is the addition of the iPod hook loop, which allows you to add more wrist support in holding your iPod Touch.

iPod Nano

Random Rae is definitely very excited of the different colors of the new iPod Nano. It's like minimized white iPod Touch that is encased with colored metal casing. It actually reminds me of a Samsung MP4 player except without the touchscreen..

A good point is that the iPod Nano, finally has bluetooth, enabling us for handsfree listening.

iPod Shuffle

More colors. 'Nuff said.

Lightning Connector

The dock connectors have finally changed to a smaller version called the Lightning. There was no mention of NFC (Near-Field Communications) either. Is this the first step to Steve Jobs' vision of one dock connector for all Apple Devices? Probably, not fast, but definitely getting there.


It's definitely good (and bad) to know that Apple is joining the bandwagon, but it's totally different where they are the ones paving the way of the smartphones.. They took a step back and went with the crowd by just adding minute features.. It truly is different as before.. However, these are good products and would definitely be included in our choices as well!

Also.What is up with the captions in Apple's website?! The marketing team didn't have to try so hard about it!

Either way, what do you think of the new Apple Products? Would you consider buying it? Check out the gallery below and let me know!

Keep your heads stuffed!!

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