Carrot To-Do : List with a Vengeance

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Today, is a good day. I think I have found the to-do list of my dreams. Meet Carrot, the to-do list with a personality!

Carrot by Grailr LLC is the answer for all of you slackers everywhere. Why? I believe something motivates people. Others do their job because they're afraid that somebody might get angry at them, before realizing that their slacking can eventually result to their demise. This is where Carrot comes in. Carrot has been programmed that you are a lazy human and it is her job to get your life on track. You do not want to make Carrot upset. You do not want to mess with a person who is angry at you and is responsible for your to-do list.

Carrot To-Do isn't that hard to use:
1. Pull down - add a task
2. Swipe Right - completed
3. Swipe Left - menu

Sounds easy? Maybe. There are levels, though. You start off with a very impatient Carrot at Level 1. As you progress and accomplish more stuff, she'll start warming up to you (but not that much, know your boundaries). There is also a reward system based on the tasks and challenges accomplished along the way. You are in for a surprise! And... if you're the type of slacker that just wants his/her to-do list to back off and stay calm? You can purchase cheat codes too! As what Carrot says, "I heartily condone cheating so long as you bribe me to look the other way."

On Level 22, there is something exciting:

- Hard difficulty mode (Level 22). Looking for a challenge? Type “CARROT hard mode” in my command line and I’ll get fed up with you much more quickly.
Created expressly for CARROT’s sickest, most masochistic minions. You have just four hours to get something done before she’ll start getting pissed off. - Carrot Blog

Check out the launch trailer below and it's simple navigations!

Carrot To-Do is available at the Apple iOS Appstore for $1.99. And yes, you pay to have your butt kicked by this very sassy to-do list. What are you waiting for? If you slackers can't get anything done, she will make you pay.

Keep your heads stuffed!

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