Jump with Cat Mario

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Rae is not the only with the most random of posts. Heck. This game took so much of my time that I'll write about this!!!

Welcome to Cat-Mario! Obviously!!!! Cat-Mario. You play Mario but as a cat, and not just in any type of world. It's that parallel world that you fear where everything is made impossible and somebody is just waiting for you to mess up and vanish! In other words, a laughter-inducing and rage-inducing game where you're not sure whether to be happy or not. IN THE LONG RUN.

I have a love-hate relationship with Cat-Mario, an extreme one. At one end of the spectrum, I am filled with pride and dignity. Seriously, I have this menacing laugh where I know I outsmarted the game. There's also that one side that would make me ..... graaaahhhh. If you didn't get the picture, that would be turning into this angry monster that kicks itself in the head because a simple game managed to push all of his buttons. This game takes about 15 to 20 minutes tops of my attention span before I decide to take a break and cool off some steam. And just as any other gamer would.. I go back until I have the dignity to say, "I completed the levels."

You want to try it out? Sure. Go knock yourself out below! A word to the wise, it's in another language so.. Just click on the first option being shown.

Cat Mario

Now it's your turn to share. What useless games have you played that took up a whole lot of your time? And emotions too!

Keep your heads stuffed!

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