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We have other days to talk about the so-called innovations from different mobile manufacturers... Innovations my butt. I don't see anything cool or jaw-dropping worthy. (Don't even get me started on the Jobs movie...) I'd rather focus on the little surprises we get for our browsers today. I proceeded to download a web version of Pocket today from the Chrome Web Store and... Lo and behold! I noticed this little icon sitting on my taskbar now. When you click on it, this app launcher pops up.


The Chrome App Launcher is the hub of all your Chrome apps and with it you have quick access to all of your apps from the desktop. When you install an app from the Chrome Web Store, you'll get an option to get the App Launcher. The App Launcher requires you to sign in to Chrome to enable apps that need access to your Google account.

If you get an app launcher... Of course. Without a doubt. Do I need to rack your brain with this? You can manage your apps. Delete, Add, Organize, View.. All the works my Fluffy friend. You can also access the settings (yes, the one found in your Chrome browser) by clicking the button and a full white pop up box will appear. Okay, drawing the line here literally, Google. The pop-up window is pure white and it's quite confusing since... oh I don't know... My webpages are sometimes full white, my open evernote window is full white or maybe even the file explore is full white! I don't see any borders! Please fix that!

So, can you use the launcher without syncing all of your data? Yes, BUT

... only some of your data. You cannot use the launcher if you are not logged into your own Chrome account. Obviously, since the apps and settings are tied to your account. Now, for some added privacy and security, you can only choose which of the following you want to sync:

1. Apps from the Chrome Web Store
2. Autofill (except for credit card numbers)
4. Extensions from the Chrome Web Store (except those containing plug-ins)
5. History
6. Password
7. Themes
8. Open Tabs
9. Settings

What Do We Think?

As simple as it is, it's what we need. I have never liked and never needed the extra trouble of going through multiple pages just to get the extension that I want. A one-stop, and one-click place for all my needed info will certainly help. I can check and manage everything and I don't have to remember each one of them!

What do you think? Do you think this is necessary or could we just simply live without this being ever put into writing/coding? If you want to know more about it, then read on here!

Keep your heads stuffed!
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