Hear Ye, Hear Ye Citizens of Earth!

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Hey there Fluffies, sorry for being out for more than a week! Everyone at the FluffyHeadquarters were down with the flu! Tsk. Those sickness bugs are trying to go after us as the holidays are coming. Probably the change of weather? Nathan can definitely explain that and Rae..well, being the hyperactive one out of us all, recovered first! And has since been trying to perfect the chicken soup recipe, and us being the poor and scared lab rats. I'm changing the topic now because she's looking over my shoulder.

Whilst down and sick, my gaming hands were fidgety and I just wanted to try anything I could get my hands on. I've been lurking around kickstarter lately in hopes to give some light on people with great ideas that need the funding to realize them. That's where I saw Citizens of Earth.

Citizens of Earth is a modern RPG developed by Eden Industries.

"The story of the game opens with the newly-elected Vice President of the World taking some much needed rest and relaxation by staying with his Mom in his old home town. Although he's enjoying the comforts of his old room, he can't help but be curious at the gathering protest outside the town. And it's not only that - weird events are afoot around the city and the surrounding wilderness". - Kickstarter description

Since you're the VP of the World, trust that the whole story and setting revolves around the Western world and politics, all in the loose sense of it. You will be dealing with the "opposition" which comprises of a leader, a bunch of hecklers and protesters. It's a poking fun to the current world and even the graphics deviated from the normal pixel type or from the Japanese style RPGs.

You've got your opponents now and you need a team. Being the Vice President of the world, you will have your own party and you may add members by recruiting people all over your community. You and your team will then venture off to go on quests to win other people's support! (You're a politician, yes you do this.) You have now established the team, now it's time to take down the opposition.

The battle system is turn-based and kind of reminds me of Final Fantasy (FF9 and FF7, to mention). you either gain an upperhand by surprising the opponent or lose some power points when the opposite happens. Power points determine your ability to use stronger attacks or abilities on your opponents. Your skills are divided into three categories:

Breakdown: Take down the opponents' morale or powerups. Some breakdown skills may even deal little damage to them.

BuildUp: Boost your own or the group's morale and add power points for your Takedown skills.

Takedown: Deal substantial damage to one ore more opponents.

What do we think?
Citizens of Earth is extremely reminiscent of Pokemon. Yes, the game. Obviously. The idea of "recruitment" for your party and choosing your line-up from your "partylist", reminds me of how I would choose my top 6 Pokemon.. The setup of the town is Pokemon-ish, even your house! The house you stay in has only one bedroom and your mother is in front of the television on the first event that you go down from the stairs. And your bed (in lieu of your mother) lets you regain full health when you want to "rest for a bit".

I guess that feeling that rouses from your Pokemon memories will either compel or repel you to buy this game. For me? I'm all for it. There are a few days left in Kickstarter and if you enjoy a hilarious take with an RPG concept, then pledge now!

A playable game demo is available on their kickstarter page and they've recently added a gameplay video as well. Check it out below!

Keep your heads stuffed!

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