Double the Music with Double Player

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Somewhere out there in this big world, is an optimistic genius who decided to create an app that would tickle our ears. Not to mention this amazing app, would finally give me an option to hold off on buying a headphone splitter.

Double Player is a simple app by redstudio that is a Double Player. Duh. Isn't it obvious? Left earbud plays Song A, right earbud plays Song B, simultaneously. Simple as that. For what, you ask? Listen here young padawan and I shall tell you.

1. Sharing - 'nuff said. If you're friend wants to explore your playlist, there's no reason why he couldn't and there's no reason why you'll be interrupted when he's explorin'.

2. Audio Mixing Enthusiasts - Everybody tries to do this. Some open 2 Youtube windows at the same time, play 2 different music players, and so much more. Everybody had this thought and will continue to do so. Songs that have the same beats and counts will most likely merge and now they have an app for that.

The only thing I don't like about this app is the color font color. Take a look at the image above, the font color is definitely annoying me. Other than that, the interface is simple and easy to use. Turn on the app, choose a song for the left and right players and press play. I tried it without the earphones/headphones and it sounded weird because of the song choices (Ellie Goulding met Fall Out Boy, not good. NOT GOOD.). I managed to get some good songs and "mixed" their good parts together.

If you're not sure how the app works, there's a sample I heard a few years back that followed the same principle with it.. I tried it with my Double Player and it basically played the same thing. It's best if you wear headphones for this. You are allowed to press the replay button infinite times.

Double Player is free for download today! (On normal days this is 99 cents) Have you downloaded it? Tell us about it. Let us know if you think this is genius or plain useless. (Although I don't see why you would think it's useless.)

Keep your heads stuffed!

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