So You Got An Electric Car

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So you got an electric car. You found out that the electric car ain't as powerful as it should be. The batteries aren't what they used to be.

Don't let it die.

Instead, turn to General Motors. Turns out, you can get a back-up supply from all that trouble.

Still on testing stage, General Motors can hook up about 5 battery packs that are not good for use but with 70% of their charging capacity left. 5 battery packs can equate to back-up power supply worth about 3 to 5 homes. Not bad, GM. Not bad at all. You can check out more here.

Well, we always say, "Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it's only transferred." Actually, it's the law of conservation of energy, shortened. By following that principle, we always end up saving money and the extra effort of getting rid an "unfit" battery. Let's transfer the energy to a more fit, a home.

Keep your heads stuffed!