Evernote 5 for Mac

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Evernote has always been an indespensable tool here at the Fluffyheads Headquarters, and we've been using it to share notebooks or even keep personal notes. We all like the personal touch, and everyone of us here loves to

Boasing over 100 new features, let's sure hope this will not disappoint us!! We browsed through their features and here are the ones that we're most excited about!


They made a new left side space, and in addition a different type of view. The Cards view allows you to see your notes in little thumbnails, a good complement to the revamped notes list on the left side of your screen.

The left side contains a list of recent notes and you can drag and drop to the list you want. It's that easy. When you have too many notes or notebooks to choose from, the


Literally, the Atlas. It allows you to see, and change the geographical locations tagged in your notes.

Such great boon for me, because I can finally track multiple tech events near my place, or even the places where I like going for the best tech discussions. That way, I can take minutes of the discussion and note the venue! (Yes, I am lazy like that. I need a tag of place that helps me organize!)

Nathan: I can whip out and check where I find my most interesting topics of the day! It also gives me an overview of each place that i've travelled.

Rae: In addition to what they said, this is also applicable for Evernote Food and Evernote Hello !!! I can pinpoint places that I've eaten and reviewed! And the places for discovery will be well-documented when this comes out!

Note Power

The evernote 5 comes with a better search bar, that handles everything. You can search tags, places, titles and the content of your notes. Something noteworthy: the scanned content of your evernote smart notebook will also be searchable.

It also has a new set of keyboard shortcuts. Take a look below:

* CMD-J: Jump to a notebook from anywhere in the application
* CMD-Shift-A: Jump to All Notes
* CMD-Option-(1-5): Switch to main sidebar sections (Notes, Notebooks, etc)
* CMD-(1-9): Jump to Shortcuts
* CMD-L: Edit current note title
* CMD-’: Edit current note tag
* CMD-]: Indent text


No bad features, only strong and passable in this fight! This release is definitely something to look out for and we can't wait! Rae, Nathan, and I are all avid and varying users of Evernote. And from this post, you will be able to see different varieties and uses for the new Evernote features!

The addition of the new keyboard short is genius. I get frustrated when I have to do so much with my mouse.

Check out the video below and tell me what you think!

Keep your heads stuffed!

Evernote 5 for Mac