Firefox OS Phone Simulator

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Firefox OS Simulator

The Mobile Market is a very huge place to invest on and Mozilla wants to grab a huge chunk or even the entire pie. Our friends from Mozilla is now developing a new brand of Mobile OS named Firefox OS which simply is a system made from a Firefox Browser. You can say that it is somewhat like Google Chrome OS which removes the complexity of a System and put everything in the cloud. It also aims to bring up easy to reach and inexpensive Mobile Units. That's what we really love about Mozilla. They just want to make things better for us.

With Mozilla and the media heralding it's advent, Developers from Firefox released a Simulator for the public to have a good preview on this very promising system. It's also a playground to invite other developers to test their mobile apps which undoubtedly is just a localized web app within the mobile system. So yeah, indeed it's a very wonderful place to hop on and make your own brand of mobile/web apps since developing one will be easy.

Since the Firefox OS is system in a browser, then I guess you'll get it right away that it's Simulator will just be situated in one of our most favorite and reliable web browser - the Mozilla Firefox. Kudos to Myk Melez for bringing up this wonderful feature. Let's go and try it on...

First we need to go into this link to download the extension and add it to Firefox.


At this time, we are having version 3 of the simulator and that leaves you to download 48MB for the extension. It is important not to leave the extension page because in some cases it stops the download.


Once the download is complete, Firefox will not need a restart to activate the extension. It will suddenly show the Simulator Dashboard. In the dashboard, you can test out your app through entering the URL and activate the Phone Simulator by hitting the toggle button with the label "Stopped" into it.


Once you activate the simulator, a pop-up window will appear containing the Emulated Firefox Phone.


You can swipe to the right to look how navigation works and you can see that they copied pretty well how the iPhone and Android Phones organize it's navigation.


The Simulator is already having third party apps installed in it including your beloved Facebook and Twitter apps.


You can do more with the Simulator except for Calling and SMS. Go try it on and find out newer stuff to share it with us.

That's all it Fluffies. Keep your heads stuffed!

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