Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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or... a 10.1 inch tablet with another name and new functionalities..

Samsung has rolled out a video in youtube (you can check out the video below) that features the different capabilities of the new Samsung Galaxy Note. Let's face it, it has been a long time coming that they're gonna release a tablet version.

The pop-up play is definitely useful for the tablet, enabling the user to watch videos while doing other activities like browsing the web or chatting. The S-Pen is also introduced to the tablet with the boast of "precision" and "accuracy". Editing pictures and doing handwritten notes is just a breeze with this new tablet that Samsung created. We just like to stress out for now that this is not a phone but rather a tablet only; capable of doing more serious stuff than it's predecessors.

and that's it fluffies! Let's keep our head stuffed~

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Public Demo