Galaxy Tab - Student Edition!

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Google Nexus 7 made a good impression with the younger crowd that Samsung had a hard time fitting in with the Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 inch tablet. Earlier today, a leak was released that featured a new Samsung Galaxy Tab product that might help turn the tides.

Introducing the Galaxy Tab 2.0 7 inch Student Edition!

It's just basically the same thing but with a keyboard and USB adapter. For me, that's a mighty big leap, considering almost everybody are still lugging around a flash drive or external hard drive. It's also helpful for students to really use it for school, making the tablet a true alternative to notebooks and/or laptops.

At the price of $249, it's a good deal. Same price with the current tab, and you already have the adapters.

We did caught an unboxing video from youtube coming from the user named jedolley. What about you fluffies? Think it's a good deal? Leave your comments below.

Keep your heads stuffed!

Samsung Galaxy Tab - Student Edition Unboxing by Jedolley