Google Buys

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Google has been doing a lot of acquiring software companies, here and there.

In the depth of Patent wars, there is also the Social Media Battles. Facebook and Google+ are competiting for users, and we all know Facebook is winning. If you have Google+, you have Facebook. No matter what, everybody is at Facebook. Most especially now, when it was announced that Facebook shelled out $1B to buy Instagram (the modern camera of old filters).

BUT!! I have just read that Google has bought Nik, the software company behind Snapseed. Snapseed, is by far, the most popular photo-editing app for the iOS. Why would Google (the maker of Android), buy the most popular iOS photo-editing app? What's the angle here? Are they really trying to take over Facebook and beat them at their own game? Or are they targeting Apple once again? I think it's the age-old tactic of hitting two birds with one stone.

Everybody went abuzz Facebook acquired Instagram (available for iOS and Android). Apple has this bundle of iOS-only apps. The only speculation I would have would be taking them both down and by making an Android app for Snapseed and integrating it with Google+. (Perhaps adding some filters while using hangout..) Then again, we can only guess.

In other news, there are people who are willing sell ANYTHING (e.g. blood, pets, siblings, bodies..) for the new iPhone 5. Come on, people!!!!! I would like to personally walk up to you and slap you in the face. I will let you face the facts that you are being materialistic.

Remember Fluffies, it doesn't matter what your phone is. As long as you call and text, that's about the most important thing you'll ever need. The rest of the features, is up to you.

Keep your heads stuffed!