Google Keep: Can You Keep Up?

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Since the conception of Google mail, we've placed all our important notes in the form of email to ourselves. Admit it, when Evernote came, it just became easier. Everything was synced and to all devices! Having said that.. In an attempt to rival Evernote with note-taking capabilities, Google has come up with Google Keep.

Google Keep is very easy and light to download! A mere 5 seconds on 3G connection is all I need. The look is fairly simple with the common layout like Google Now, utilizing cards. You can add the notes via text, image, voice and list. It went on to a bad start for me, because I record voice notes. I tried the voice option and it crashed on my Samsung Galaxy S2. Woot. Fix it Google. The only way to "categorize" your notes will be the colors you assigned to it. To some people, it is attractive and the colors are soft. For me, well it's annoying because I hate reading/writing on different colored backgrounds.

In true Google fashion, you can archive your notes if you've no use for them anymore (or just delete). It also syncs with Google Drive and with an option of not syncing at all. Being minimalistic, it offers little to no tutorial on using the app.

No, I'm not ready to make a "full" transition of my Evernote to Google Keep. It seriously failed to impress me, not after I've been with Evernote. I'm also quite conservative because of the privacy issues surrounding Google. Unless they'll put in some more features, I will remain unconvinced. I can actually see the future being plugged out of Google Keep. (Google has such a wonderful history of those.. Google Reader.. ring a bell?)

If you don't have an Evernote account, by all means, try Google Keep! You can download it for free at Google Play. Sorry. No iOS version. (Another negative and absolute nonsense).

So how do you like your Google Keep? Keep your heads stuffed!

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