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Hey there Fluffies! I'm sorry if I was out of the grid for a few weeks. I've had some disappointing times, Xbox One, I'm looking at you. Not to mention some pretty good times, o hai PS4. I'm not here to talk about gaming consoles though. Maybe soon where there's more info and games available. Let's talk about something mobile, something to finally give Swype a run for their money.

Since 2011, Swype was always considered the best mobile keyboard because of it's ability to create words with swipes from your hand. It started in the Samsung Omnia II (a windows phone to boot!) and came in stock with other Samsung devices. Android came, dominated and ruled. Swype then became the go-to keyboard download, until Samsung released the stock Android keyboard in Play Store. Interestingly and obviously, it's called Google Keyboard.

Look and Feel

Unlike other stock keyboards, this is the best spaced keyboard yet. Nothing looks cramped up, but the essential buttons are still there. The keys were responsive and have no distinct delay found (despite running fb mobile, dolphin browser and music player at the same time).


Gesture Typing and Dynamic Floating

Gesture Typing is the ability to make it easier for the user to type by just swiping around the letter keys. Ha! Gesture Typing it says! We all know what this is! Swype was pretty accurate, so I stayed with it and the fact that I needed it. I like a no-fuss feel of swiping and Google Keyboard gave me just that. Again, it pretty much helped that the app performance is doing incredibly well.

Voice Typing is also present, (if you're feeling kinda lazy) when you want to keep your hands off and eyes off the screen while trying to contact somebody.

Dynamic floating, The one thing I found annoying about Dynamic floating though is that it covers up a portion of your text message. I'm a little bit OC with that.


The Many..Many..Suggestions

One good option is to blocking out potential offensive words from being suggested. For those people who sometimes use profanities in their text messages, just imagine when your child (worse, somebody else's) borrows your phone and sees some of the suggested words! Still not convinced? What about sending a quick text to your work colleagues or boss, and that was "accidentally" chosen to be part of your text message? Capische? Good.

Correction Suggestions

When I downloaded the Google Keyboard, I didn't start using the Gesture Typing until the second day. The first day was filled with text barrages with friends and communicating with them on another language. You get where I'm going? Good. Turns out, the keyboard learns (as does Swype) and offers a range of suggestions. What sets it apart is that it suggests words from my language, proper nouns, and common nouns as well.

Contact Suggestions

A little pet peeve is when you have contacts with unique names (or with unique spellings) that can't be recognized immediately with Swype, you had to add it your personal word list. Google Keyboard has gone on a more personal level, by taking into consideration your contact list and even go up to the level of listing their surnames as the next word! Speaking of next words..

Next Word Suggestion

For all of you Swypers, I know you enjoy making up sentences that comes from the next word suggestions and send them to a random (but close) list of friends. The sentences have better construction, and if you've texted long enough, you're bound to see your most used words in the suggestions.

The Verdict

Google has provided us with a keyboard that is comfortable, intelligent, and user-friendly. You're thinking how user-friendly it is? Take Rae for example. She swears on two-handed (two-fingered) texting because she's more comfortable with it. She also swore to never convert to gesture typing and word suggesting mode ON, because she texts in 3 different languages. She tried multiple keyboards (Swype along with it) but could never give her the comfort and the intelligence she needed, up until Google keyboard. The best thing about this Google Keyboard? It's FREE.

Download the Google Keyboard. Use it. Replace your Swype TRIAL with it. If you've already done that, then let us know on the comments below or hit us up on our social media pages on what you Fluffies think!

Here's a very important note, especially to Samsung Galaxy S2 and lower model lover Fluffies! The Google Keyboard in Google Play, is only valid for Samsung Galaxy S3 and above, and for the new Samsung Tablets as well. If you find that you're not able to download for your phone, just go here.

Keep your heads stuffed!

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