Her Majesty's Secret Service

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Text-Based RPGamers unite!

Each one of us were still hyped from the recent showing of Skyfall when we found this cool Text-Based game... from Sony. Yep, being the brandname in the movie.. Sony will be your quartermaster (lo and behold. Product placement!!). You will be an agent back at HQ and instruct the field agents on their next moves in 5 simulations. You are a trainee that are mastering the 5 core skills of being part of Her Majesty's Secret Service, so you must pass all 5.

Unlike other Text-Based games, Sony envisioned this with similarities to talking to Siri. Basically, "look" doesn't just cut it! You can speak in whole sentences and even ask questions. "Where are you?" or "What do you see?" are the most common questions.

You will also be given a change to input your email address so you are able to save your game. You pick up where you left off and you get extra psychological analysis for your troubles.

The huge drawback to this? Product placement. It was made by Sony for featuring Sony. All the gadgets that you will be using are all from Sony. Xperia. Yes, we get it! The phone is an Xperia!! It's shameless advertising. Ahh well. There's nothing we can do about that. It is annoying, but if you can get past that, you're off for a good time.

The game isn't officially out to the public yet but well... Try out the game for yourselves here!

Keep your heads stuffed!