Howler's Balloon

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Howler by Desura is an interactive game that lets you use not just your hands but another well-rounded and used part of the body as well. Read on Fluffies for something on this new and unique game!

Vilnius, 1905. Free city, roamed by dirigibles, air balloons and steam carriages. Alchemists and mechanics build and operate incredible machines and automatons. Powerful neighbors feel challenged by the innovations of the free city.

That got your attention huh. Let me grab your attention even more by these details:

1. You use your voice. Scream. Sing. Talk. They don't care, you just control your balloon.

The game can be played in a traditional touch/click way or you can do everything by voice – noise will make the balloon to go up, silence will let it down. You can even drop parcels or bombs by making short loud noise.

2. The background is drawn by hand.

Each level of the game is unique piece of art - all the images were hand-drawn on paper, in an old-fashioned way.

There's another thing about Desura too. It works like Steam. How does it work like Steam?

1. Download Desura.
2. Download Howler.
3. Scream so the balloon goes up.

Boom. That's how you play the game and gives you a specific reminder that there are people that want to outrank Steam.

We bought the desktop version of the game, $5 USD. Guess who enjoyed the game? Rae. Not trying to push on stereotypes or anything, but Rae enjoyed the voice part very much and we all know that she's the talker out of us. Nathan and I settled for the touch/click way, we did try the voice too. The game is better with the voice control, but it just needed too much effort from people like us. The levels are challenging and a few tested my patience with the balloon and the parcels. We all enjoyed it and couldn't stop playing it! There is no such thing as perfect though.. read on for our comments on the other side of the Howler.

During the hot summer days, you can't play voice control if you have a fan whirring for about 2 to 3 meters away. Don't get me started about rain, and the dog barking outside. You're thinking, "Tony, what about the microphone sensitivity?" Yeah sure, lower that, let's see who needs voices for important conversations with real human beings. Another warning, don't ALT +TAB too much during the game because it will crash the game. EVEN pressing the replay level button will sometimes cause it to crash! Frustrating? Here's more. Heck, even Desura crashes from time to time! (Usually happens due to prolonged gaming.) Now I'm not sure if this is a good thing because you actually take a break from singing/screaming and looking intently at your screen.

Howler is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS. (All of which are paid, with a free version for iOS). If you have an iPad, I suggest you go for the $1 USD app. If you're more of a pc Fluff, then go for the desktop version. We enjoyed the desktop version because we had a huge monitor and the graphics are better appreciated there. Try checking out the game for yourself and test your "screaming" skills for the win.

Keep your heads stuffed!

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