Humbled by a Bundle

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Humble Bundle pack 4 is here! And this.. is why Rae won't be able to write for today. Somebody is addicted... And we are letting her be! (Well, until tomorrow that is.)

The people from Humble Bundle has released a new set of games and they're letting you decide how much!

Pay what you want!
Cross Platform!
Help Charity!

There are different options to segregate your payments, with the default percentage of 65-20-15 (developer-charity-tip). I would say the default percentage is good, but hey, it's your call. If for some cold-hearted reason, you want to give it all to the developers or all to charity, be my guest. Child's Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation are the beneficiaries of this do-good deed of the team!

The games are absolutely good. Check out the video below! My favorite would be Machinarium, Rae is fond of Eufloria and Nathan is hooked on Crayon Physics! Don't mind the narrator in the video, we didn't like it either.. Give the games a shot and get ready to be blown away. Machinarium will be available once you pay more than the average! As of this posting, the average is $6.10! (We paid $6!)

You have 12 more days to purchase the bundle and help two charities and one development company. As little over 6 dollars, you will get the complete set and that feeling knowing your money will be put to good use. Also, since this is cross platform, it means you can get the games for your Android, Linux, Mac and Windows! Just a one-time payment and you get it for all of your stations!

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Humble Bundle 4