Hungry Shark Evolution : Hungrier than Ever!

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I'm not gonna lie to you. I play games for anger management. Admit it. I know you do it too, there's no sense in denying it. The concept of playing games is to de-stress yourself, from all the annoyances of the world. An example would be a looming deadline and your boss decides to just change everything you've worked for. These days, I've finally found my ultimate stress buster. Thanks to FGOL (Future Games of London)!

Hungry Shark Evolution is the 6th installment of the Hungry Shark game series. FGOL has finally given this game the graphic justice it deserves! 3D graphics, and not just that! The 3D world has given us a 'free ocean' feel that allows us to explore wherever we want to go. A more fluid motion (akin to those famous predators) and the ability to change them as you please..A little pup, to a Mako, a Hammerhead and ultimately a Giant Great White Shark. Speaking of the predators, let's move on to the diverse marine life to prey upon, complete with swimmers, scuba divers and some pelicans. There's also a bit of shark-eat-shark action going on. Ultimate Stress Buster. To seal this deal? Free. (with in-app purchases, if gathering silver just ain't that fun for you.)

Obviously, you're gonna ask me, 'How did it feel?' I've played the game in the iPad 4, and Samsung Galaxy S2 with no problems at all. I have more control with a smaller device, then I will be enjoying the iOS version more on the iPod Touch 4. A joystick on the iPad 4 might give me a bit more control, tilt comes to mind but it would be too heavy. Your face will get smacked if you're playing it while lying down. To get a full blow of the graphics even in the background? I suggest, you play it on a Tablet version because the graphics just extends to the background, complete with swimming fishes. Playing the game itself? 5/5. Hands down. The little destroyer in me is having so much FUN, and no, I'm not going violent. (To all you little pricks who keep saying video games makes a kid violent.) My favorite part is I play it on silent mode and hum the Jaws theme while I eat the not-so-suspecting humans. And now, you're gonna do it too.

Need more convincing? Wanna know the numbers? FGOL tweeted yesterday that 2,043,432 people were playing Hungry Shark Evolution. The ratings are 4.5/5 in Google Play and Apple iTunes App Store.

Have you played the game already, then don't keep us waiting! Let us know on the comments section! If you haven't.. Haven't I convinced you enough? Tsk. Try Checking out the gameplay video below!

Keep your heads stuffed!

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