James Bond's Watch - Hyetis Crossbow

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There have been multiple talks on Apple and Samsung releasing smartwatches. It wouldn't be a surprise if the Swiss decided to get it on this competition. After all, they are most famous for their timepieces. Rolex? Patek Phillipe? Omega? The Swiss not only rolled out the watch info, but it has already started pre-selling and will ship on December 2013.

I hope there will be a new James Bond movie so they can feature this watch that I'm about to rant on now. I can imagine Mr. Bond in his signature pose as he says, "Shaken, not stirred." Can you imagine his smug look? This time, you'll be imagining the new Hyetis Crossbow just poking out of his suit, sitting comfortably in his wrist.. Not just any watch, a spy watch.


The glass is a tactile sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment, that comes with a HD LCD Dial. Did I mention that this is touchscreen? Yes. It is. Get over it. There's even so much more to that. Just read on.

1. Case and back in grade 5 Titanium, finish “Dark Knight” Polished, Blasted and Brushed.
2. Waterproof to 250m.
3. 2 Textile Bands “NATO” type interchangeable Red and Black
4. Touch Bezel mirror polished
5. Sensors protection made of ceramics and composites
6. Crown with rubber grip and red ring

Here's what it looks like and to be honest, it looks comfortable. The slight tilt gives you a better view and it also accommodates the camera that way. I'm getting way ahead of myself now.



Here's the deal. 41 megapixel camera with optimized selection of pixels variable definition and even an optical zoom!!! If that doesn't translate to spy watch... well read on the following then!

1. HD microphone with noise suppression device
2. Accelerometer
3. Environmental sensors : GPS position, Temperature, Altitude, Depth, and Biometric Information

Note: They do have a disclaimer that some technical features may vary on the product model. Not sure which ones will be gone. (I hope they make Mr. Bond proud)


This watch, as if it couldn't do anything more... It's compatible with these OS

1. iOS
2. Android
3. Windows Phone 8

And you're thinking.. WHAATTTTTTT.. Wait 'till you see these:

1. Bluetooth
2. WiFi
3. NFC

The Watch

Yes, I'm actually talking about what the watch is. You know, the mechanism that is actually used to tell the time?

1. Auto winding by rotor
2. Power reserve 48h
3. Frequence 28'800 alt/h
4. 25 jewels
5. Size 12 1/2 inches

Hyetis Crossbow is now available for pre-order and you will be getting the Hyetis Crossbow Earlybirds Special Edition. Shocked at the price? All of that do not come cheap. It's Swiss-made, let that be your assurance. (Or is it?) Hey, if you have $1200 USD to burn? Be my guest. The lucky customers will receive a certificate with a serial number. There is also a card and some certificates that will be used to activate the watch and other promised surprises. Heck, maybe you'll even become the new James Bond!

Keep your heads stuffed!
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