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We have acquired our next target, messaging apps! Don't get me wrong. The default messaging app for Android is already good. This post is entirely for a possible alternative that gives off a flair of creativity and personalization.

invi messenger and sms aims for users to have (based on their words) a "rich media texting experience." Instead of bubbles, what you get is "chat" layout and instead of the boring name layout.. You can choose a cover photo or have it randomly over your contact's thread. You can go online or via sms in under one app, totally help as an alternative to the messaging plus Line/Wechat/Viber app. You can share photos, and play youtube links right then and there. Another good note, is that there are even web link previews within the text thread.. The emoticons gave me a good laugh, they are copied from the emoji app (from the iOS store and used widely by iOS users). Exactly the same. Take a look at the screenshot below:


There are two bones I have to pick with invi is that it's a bit of resource hog and not much of a notifier. Opening heavy game apps (e.g. Hungry Shark and Camera Apps) take a toll with Invi running in the background. I constantly I'm the type of person that needs more than a cute sound and a little vibrate to get my attention. Also, the notification can only be found as this little thingy on the notifications bar. Unlike the stock messaging app where you can see a bigger icon with a little mail folder on your homescreen.

If you want a more concrete idea on how the app works, take a look at the video below and be educated.

A verdict? Well, the app is good. I admire Invi's take on a rich media texting experience. It may not be for everybody, especially for people who have low memory smartphones. Don't get me wrong Fluffies, you can still use it though! Just make sure to clean your phone's memory real good! Wanna know how? Just click on here.

Looks easy enough right? Invi is currently available for free at Google Play. If you have downloaded it, what did you think of it? Is it worthy of your 5 stars? Let us know!

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