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Ever since that piece about NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden came out... Well! People have started questioning just how public their internet identities were and how their online secrets have an all-seeing eye on it. If you are not at all worried. Something is wrong with you, you little fool. Secret or not, that is your personal information. Not only that, can you just imagine how you are opening yourself up to potential hackers?!

Just Delete Me is a site (by Robb Lewis and Ed Poole) and even a chrome extension (by Mike Rogers) that serves as a directory of links that gives you direct links to websites you want to disappear from. They say that companies use a bunch of dark pattern techniques that make it difficult to find how to delete your account. So you see the sites listed? Good. Green - Easy (Simple. DUH), Orange - Medium (Extra steps needed), Red - Hard (You need Customer Service), Black - Impossible (Cannot be deleted).

Why do this? Do you really need me to enumerate the reasons? Seriously? Fine.

1. Account Deletion

Chances are you'll forget you ever signed up to one of those not-so-well-known sites. You're in luck. Maybe you can restart your brain cells and get the much needed shock response once you see the websites listed. Make sure to go through each website and do a cross reference search in your email inbox (or spam folders). Just Delete Me will even help by directing you to the account deletion page. Yes. That's how lazy you might be. And they anticipated it.

2. Account Creation

So you want to create an account huh. Now would be a good time to consider these prodding questions:
a. Do you really need to create an account?
b. This account is for games, huh?
c. Peer Pressure? Everybody's doing it?

No, Yes, Yes, Yes? Stop. Stop right now. Get a life. This exact situation happened a few years ago to you. Remember Facebook? Yep. After the initial shock of Mafia Wars, you've been covering up your tracks, haven't you? That is exactly what I mean? No disrespect to Facebook, but don't just hastily create accounts on multiple websites. Unlike Facebook, it has become mainstream. What about the others? Think about it.

Oh? Now you're aware and want to protect yourself? You want to be more vigilant? GOOD! Take note of Just Delete Me and plaster it onto your stubborn head and mind! Clean and take care of your tracks to avoid personal security breaches! Oho! What is this? You're being vigilant enough that you saw some websites that weren't listed? Good on you! Here's a link to help these guys out! Submit the website url to them!

Keep your heads stuffed!
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