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Introducing Office 365 Home Premium or.. Introducing Microsoft Office 2010 + 2007 favorites with Dropbox-LookAlike!

If you're a user of MS Office 2007, you would definitely be impressed. However, if you have seen MS Office 2010, you wouldn't. Basically, MS Office 2013 was made to be an eye-candy versus MS Office 2010.

I currently have both products, and boy oh boy, was I surprised. For this post, I'll only be focusing on MS Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Excel, the three main applications of Microsoft Office. The main overhaul would be taking everything online. With the integration of Microsoft Skydrive, you can sync your files anywhere and edit them anywhere as you please.

The Look
Unlike the previous versions of MS Office, when you open an MS Office 2013 application, you will be greeted by this window. Recent files on the left, online and offline templates at the right and your logged in Microsoft account. For MS Word, blue; For MS Powerpoint, red; For MS Excel, green; For MS OneNote, purple. All the same for MS Office 2013 Applications.

The clouds? That's the style that I chose when I was installing MS Office 2013. The smileys? Feedback buttons that let me take screenshots of what I like and do not like.


For MS Office 2010, there is no preview. (Obviously stated in my opening paragraph.) However, when you click the File button in an MS Office 2010 application and Click on the New Tab, a sidebar opens with a list of online / offline templates too. Here's a sample of an MS Excel 2010 File Menu:


And this goes on to the inside of the different applications! All I can see are better looking buttons, footers, headers, and templates to choose from! In the act of personalization, when you buy the Office 365 Home premium, it enables you to install to up to five home computers with personalized themes.

Office on Demand
Due to the introduction of Microsoft Skydrive, everything will be cloud-based. You can go to any PC that has no MS Office 2013 installed, and you can go to the Office Preview Website and go to My Office. You will be asked to sign in and you'll then be able to run an Office application in as little as fifteen seconds, without installation.

You can edit your documents, with the assumption that you have a Microsoft Account. A very good benefit for licensed users with Office 365 subscriptions. You can still create a new document, With or without signing in.

New Features
For professionals, you would definitely take a look at MS Excel 2013. There is a new feature called, Recommended Charts. You just type in the table data and Click on Recommended Charts, enabling you to choose a range of possible charts to be used. You would see the type of chart and the actual data that you've entered.


Another new charts feature is the preview. In MS Office 2007, when you highlight a text and choose a font or font size, you'd be able to see a preview on the highlighted text. Same goes for MS Office 2013, but for charts. You just choose from the type of charts, and a preview of the chart with your data will show.


I have yet to explore the other MS Office Applications on their new features, but with the way how MS Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Excel is structured in Office 365 Home Premium. I don't think I'll be expecting much.

The Verdict
If you do not have any MS Office versions installed in your computer, then I highly recommend that you buy MS Office 2013. Otherwise, don't! I cannot stress enough, that you do not need to buy this new version. Everything you could ever need is already in MS Office 2007 and/or MS Office 2010. The benefits are too small, and if you are already an avid user of Microsoft Office, then you have no need for a more user-friendly MS Office. If you want cloud service, there's always Dropbox.

I'm disappointed at Microsoft for expecting me to pay for this in the future. But hey, if you want a super-integrated MS Office with Cloud benefits, then this is the MS Office for you. And as far as I can see, Microsoft is definitely trying to tap into Apple's marketing strategy of giving out products that are user-friendly and that needs only one-touch to go.

What about you, fellow Fluffies? Would you consider buying this? And if you tested the Customer preview, let us know on the comments below! For those who wants to try the Customer Preview, you can do so here.

Until then, Keep your heads stuffed!