MS Surface Resurfaces

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Microsoft has finally released their Surface Tablet!

Minimalistic. This is my first impression of the Surface.

The Surface comes with a full-sized USB port but it looks sleek and thin. Just like how ASUS marketed the Transformer, Microsoft also showcases the Surface with an attachable keyboard that would most definitely attract the ladies. The keyboard would definitely turn heads for techies everywhere because of it's thinness too.

Current reviews are mixed, CNN speculates it may be better than the iPad. However, ComputerWorld thinks otherwise. Let's just give it some time and see what the consumers think.

I cannot wait once I see the live models in different computers everywhere. I want to verify the thinness, the coolness, and the sleekness of this. I would also like to see the workings of Windows 8 PRO and see how it compares to the others.

Click on the image below for the comparison of the two Surface Tablets they've released. Download the specs sheet here from Microsoft.

'Till then, Keep your heads stuffed!

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