Best Deals October

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Hello fellow fluffy techies!!

For those who are interested in the new Samsung Galaxy S3, this might be a good chance for you. On October 14th, Best Buy in the United States is planning to slash $100 USD off on it's blue and white Samsung Galaxy S3s! For the patient ones, maybe wait a little bit more for the Black Friday which is a little more than a month away! For the super patient ones, well then, rumor says that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released on February 2014.

I could go on and on about the releases and the deals made. So, you have to make up your mind and decide right here and right now! Want me to help? Do you need it? If yes, buy it. Do you want it? You can probably wait it out for a few months or a year. Do you want it but have the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the iPhone 4S? I suggest you sit down and rethink your priorities in life.

In another news, Amazon has slashed the price of FIFA 2012 for Kindle Fire users everywhere. Check it out at the price of 99 cents only! Considering that it has a lot of modes missing from the original PC or XBOX game, then it's finally fit for it's sale price today.

I'm currently trying out a new online game and a new android app. Once I get this thing together, expect more write-ups from me!

'Till then, let Random Rae stuff your heads!