Pacific Rim: Into the Drift

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Rae got a hold of my post yesterday and this time I'm returning the favor! Ha! Take that! It's my time to shine on my first ever movie review. I won't be talking about sappy love stories. I won't be talking about crime novels. I won't be talking about cheesy movies. I'm here to take and talk about action. PURE. RELENTLESS. ACTION. I'm talking about Pacific Rim.

Robots. Pacific Rim is not another Transformers movie and I can tell you what set both movies apart. Guillermo del Toro!!!! That's what! This man has visions that nobody has ever seen. And I don't need to tell you his long list of achievements. The theme is . Kudos to del Toro for having actors that are just pretty faces. These are people with good chops and if you truly watch Pacific Rim, it's for the story. Not because Channing Tatum or Tom Cruise was there. At least I didn't have to sit down and listen through fangirls' screams inside the moviehouse. (I'm looking at you Rae during the Star Trek movie with Benedict Cumberbatch.) Heck! Not only that! Even I was shocked when the heroine was far from the conventional!

The fighting scenes were great. It looked like a dance to me with each kick, punch, slice and zap held so much meaning and was put under serious consideration. Now, if Superman had incorporate just a tiny little bit of that from del Toro's.. It would have been better by a thousand fold! The movie is loud. I gotta warn you about that. Still, the LOUD is perfect. It was also brilliant for the fight scenes to be in water. There is a certain element that affect people when you see a perfect combo of darkness, kick-punch-zap combo and water.

If there was one thing lacking.. It was more of a history check. I would like a prequel to this. No. I DEMAND A PREQUEL! (Provided that del Toro will take the reins once more!) I'm even writing this post with the OST playing in the background. You can reread the post now and click on the play button below!

Have you seen it? No? Check this trailer out and go see the movie for yourself! Once done... Let us know on the comments section!

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