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The Internet world has been abuzzed by a phone that mimics the lego design principle. Block by Block. Obvious, isn't it? Designer Dave Hakkens, thought up of Phoneblok. He wanted a phone worth keeping and a phone that would let all companies get together to improve. He wanted a phone that when one part is broken, only that part will be thrown away. Simply take it off and add a new, or even better, part. Block by Block. Phoneblok.

Check out the video for Phonebloks:

Phoneblok is brilliant. From a consumer perspective, this is what I need. A no nonsense phone that only needs fixing and never a full replacement. A phone that could last more than 5 years.

First of all, business is business. No current bigtime company wants to work on a phone that they didn't made themselves. CORRECTION: No current bigtime company wants to work on a phone that they are getting no major profits from. They would want to save the best parts for their own phones, rather than for others. You see this everyday, take Apple and Samsung. Everybody knows that some of Apple's parts are under a partnership with Samsung, but is the best? No. Exhibit A, the iPhone 4S' DDR2 RAM from Samsung.
Second, identification is everything. A person wants to be unique, that's the type of thinking that these bigtime companies are all invested on. Why else would we have a whole bunch of accessories to make our phones look different? Imagine the lack of options when this phone will rise to be the ONLY phone. It might sound a little extreme, but this is the ultimate goal. You might not see it that way but that thought exists.
Third, do we have the technology? Phoneblok might be an engineering marvel but it is an engineer's nightmare. Taking an integrated model and making it modular, is not just hard. It is painstaking hard because you called for an entire redesign of what a phone is. (Definitely a good thing and bad thing here.) Speed and power comes into mind, yes. It's going to be double what you need because of the new design.

To raise even more awareness, Dave Hakkens set up a Thunderclap campaign for Phonebloks. Interested? You better share it to the people! Share the belief of many that if this reaches to more people, it might come true. Despite being pessimistic about it, a chance to inform is never a chance wasted! Who knows... There might be that ONE company who is willing to take the risk and redefine what we know today!

Speaking of campaigns... Razer's Min Liang-Tan has stated before that if this certain page gets a million likes, he will push through with this product concept. Jetpacks? No. Another Switchblade? No. TOASTERS. Ambidextrous, with progress feed and razer insignia toaster. Like the page. Like it now. And let's make Min Liang Tan know that the people have spoken!

Keep your heads stuffed!

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