Arrrr!!! Thar be a new Pirate!

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For the love of knowledge and news, we have found something cool from a company that has resisted a WHOLE LOT of baggages along the way! Yes, I'm talking about Pirate Bay. I'm talking about their 10 year anniversary gift to us, Pirate Browser.

Technically speaking, it's not an original browser. It's a customized Firefox browser with Tor installed. No genius. It's not Thor!!! It's a free software for open networks that helps defend against a form of network surveillance. Ah. I think you get where I'm going with this. Yes. You are right. The fight for non-censorship for countries like Iran, North Korea, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Ireland has been supported by Pirate Bay.

Installation is simple. 1. Download. 2. Extract. 3. Run the extracted application. Simple.

Everyone at the Fluffy Headquarters do not condone piracy. We fight for freedom and spread of knowledge and we want everybody to know that such things exist! If you're one of those knowledge hungry Fluffies then you might want to try this out and see for yourself the difference!

Pirate Browser is free for download from their website and does not contain any Trojans or any kind of malware for that matter.

Keeps your head stuffed!

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P.S. In a fight for freedom and knowledge, we have a surprise that will come back this Wednesday. Stay tuned and watch out for it!