Twists and Turns

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Guessing games. Guesswork. Anything that involves guessing could make any Fluffyhead's ears perk up with attention and anticipate for the game to start. Rae does a good job on charades, Nathan isn't bad at it too... Me? I go for visual guessing. I like the challenge of looking straight into the picture and just unscrambling it to it's original piece. And I have two games that will take up your time for both Android and iOS!

Pixel Twist

Try unlocking all the images to be twisted and get the highest score. Pixel Twist makes it even more annoying because of the time limit. Solving a distorted image within a time limit, makes one extremely time-conscious and nervous. Definitely affects your performance and your high score. You can also play a quick game of fixing 10 images in a minute and a half.

Google Play contains two Pixel Twists. You must download the one by NoodleCake Studios and this Pixel Twist is currently in the Staff Picks section. Pixel Twist is available for download for free in Google play here.

Blueprint 3D

Blueprint by FDG Entertainment... obviously, points to architectures. Nah, I'm kidding. There are multiple game packs, which includes electronics, christmas and even a medieval space pack.That's what you'll be solving in this game.There are three modes in this game, and this is what Blueprint 3D gives me my challenge. The Extreme mode involves multiple layers in the architecture to be solved. You have to solve per layer before you are absolutely sure to twist and turn the full image! We can also create levels with our pictures... Yes, I'm talking about some of you vainheads out there.

Blueprint 3D (HD!) is available for free at the Apple Appstore, check it out here.

Have you downloaded either/both? What do you think? Which one is more challenging? Let us know in the comments below! Keep your heads stuffed!

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