Snapsort: The Website that Compares Cameras for You

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We have a little surprise going on Fluffies.. Our days were filled with comparisons of financial and statistical data. We got ourselves into graphs, and the weighing of the pros and cons list. Got your attention have we? Let me give you a little hint with this website, Snapsort.

Snapsort is dedicated to one thing, simplifying the complex. A very comprehensive website with details on most cameras and the ability to bring two cameras into a match to determine the winner. The comparison goes down into 3 levels: High Level, Specifications and Score. High level is like a pros-versus-cons list, a quick overview. Specifications, obviously deals with that. Score is a computation of the each pro or con and the weight it holds in the overall rating. If you're not even sure what to compare.. Just use their recommend page then, choose the features you would want to see in your future camera, and they will give you the top cameras for that particular field. If you're really just thinking, "I wonder what's good for the beach...." Snapsort STILL has got you covered. The homepage features a section, "Popular Recommendations" with 8 categories: travel zoom, video, tiny pro, beach, sports, beginner dslr, semi pro and professional. (Dude, this is like spoonfeeding. If you still don't know what you're looking for then I suggest you go grab some common sense.)

What I like about this site? It's easy to navigate. Seriously, you must need a rattle in your brain if you're not getting this. The options are easy-to-understand and there are a whole lot of them to choose from. Whether you're a high-level type of person, or the deep-dive-detail type, you will definitely be impressed. Granted that this website was made by humans, thus might be prone to some mistakes. There are the occasional mistakes on the details and sometimes on the price of the camera itself. They acknowledged that and even made a feedback page for such things. The readers can interact, praise and even question the write-ups of a certain camera model.

Oh... If you didn't get the little surprise? We got ourselves a new camera!! We'll be talking about that one of these days.. For the meantime, keep your heads stuffed!

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