Spot the Station

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Rae was too busy to notice me hitching on the network. She's too hooked on Humble Bundle's games! I've come across something cool for you, especially to our star-gazing enthusiasts.

NASA has introduced us the Spot the Station service where you receive an email alert or a SMS alert few hours before the ISS passes by over your location. ISS is short for the International Space Station, I'm sure you already know that.

It's a worldwide service that caters to almost every country and their major cities. All you need is an active email account or a SMS-enabled phone. (Basically I have just described all tech-literate person in this entire world.) Sign up is incredible easy, you just need two steps. No, I don't need to detail it out for you. It's just two steps!

NASA's Johnson Space Center has released about 4,600 established good locations worldwide. Meaning, favorable (clear) weather, and enough time for you to get out and take a look at it. The frequency of the alerts vary a lot with a range of once to twice a week and up to once to twice a month.

SMS charges are carrier-isolated and you need to check with your current carrier on that. (For those who aren't sure, it's best go choose the email option during sign-up.) NASA has claimed that it's free on their end.

Keep your heads stuffed!