Valve Releases Big Picture

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Valve has just released their Big Picture mode for Steam! Or... Valve has just released their version of Steam for Couch-Potatoes-Turned-Gamers!

In a move to fight against console-gaming, Valve has decided to release Steam that is clear and very much viewable in the tube.

This move has definitely pros and cons, but I'd say this is more for the good. I enjoy the idea that somebody is challenging the console-gaming world. Everything is too expensive! I have to buy a separate console, and separate games for it. However, with this move, it is a sign and definite warning from Valve to all. They're coming to your tv, so you won't have to buy those things ever again.

To enable the Big Picture, Just follow the steps below:

1. Open Steam, Click Steam on the upper left bar and go to Settings.
2. A pop-up menu will appear, then you'll be able to see a Beta Participations Section in the middle. Click the Change button.
3. Another pop-up will appear and choose Steam Beta Update and click Ok.
4. The last pop-up menu will appear stating Steam will need to restart, let it restart. It will be back up and start updating steam.
5. Once it updates, you would be able to see a Big Picture Icon on the upper right hand side (where the minimize, maximize and close buttons are located). Click on it.
6. Voila! Then do the necessary steps to connect your computer to your television and enjoy the Steam goodness!

What about you Fluffies? What do you think of Valve's move? Let us know in the comments below.. until then, Keep your heads stuffed!