March of the Steam Machines at CES 2014

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Steam Machines at CES 2014 -

2014 is the year and we are all excited for the newest goodies unveiling today at CES. One of the main focus of the event is the very much awaited lineup of awesome Steam Machines rolling out in the market anytime soon.

Due to it’s success last year, Valve has been working on making gamers(casual up to the hard core), game developers and even the normal people who just want to be entertained by the company of Steam. There was a notion last year that Valve will be doing anything just to steal the "PC gaming" tag from Microsoft. Many believed it was just a joke, but lo and behold just after Valve announced the public beta of Steam OS; comes the list of the 13 Gaming Rigs that are ready to support the said new Operating System. Not just the OS but also these machines are designed to best support this guy:

The Steam Controller
Steam Controller

These machines are addressed as Steam Boxes. So Yeah! the goodies are as follows:

Alternate and Cyberpower PC
Digital Storm and Gigabyte
Falcon Northwest and iBuy Power and Origin PC
Webhallen and Zotac

And indeed they look pretty and scary at the same time because their specs are really a beast. Let’s just see later on how they will really suit Steam’s new OS.

So what’s next you say? Well, from our own stand point we think that Valve is not yet capable enough of hypnotising PC gamers into their brand of Machine simply because of Microsoft’s Direct X. Valve will just be truly successful once they can come up with a Graphics Library capable of competing against Direct3D which is part of Direct X so that Game Developers can create outstanding games into their own platform.

For now, new games will be coming out to support Valve and it’s conquest. We are excited for it and we know so are you! So just stay tuned for my updates to come!

Let's keep our heads stuffed!

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