iOS or Android? Windows Phone 8!

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The Switch

You're a curious Fluffy and you're bored. You want to see something new in the mobile world. Yep, you want to try getting your hands on the Windows Phone 8. You know that not all mainstream apps are in the Windows App store, but that's good. You want to explore various alternatives and it's a refreshing setting rather than being around people who are constantly bickering on Android versus iOS. (Sometimes, I just want to smack them in the face and tell them to just have fun!)

Hilarious isn't it? So... thinking about switching? Okay. Correction. Adding a phone to your belt? Let us help you with that! No, I'm not telling you to buy a Lumia 920.. Read on.

The Phone

Hold your horses. This is an absolute same scenario involving either Android or iOS. The so-called flagship does not meant that it's the best phone there is! Wake up and smell the spirit of ammonia! Take a look at the iPhone 4S or the Galaxy SII! Are they the flagship and known as the best phones right now? NO. Do they suck? NO. Are they cheaper than the current flagships? HECK YES!!!!!

To choose a Windows 8 phone, one must consider what brand he/she wants. Obviously you have Samsung, HTC, and Nokia. It's quick to rule out Samsung because for the obvious lack of support for Windows phones and most Samsung stores don't even carry Windows phones! HTC is good, I just don't agree with their prices and their hardware counterparts. The prices just don't add up! Nokia, knowing that they have gone with a partnership with Windows, would be my choice. A great thing about partnerships is that it means this carrier can fully utilize and show off ALL (well.. 90%) of Windows phone capabilities. So there's a whole new hype and buzz over the Lumia 920, but is it worth getting it? If you have the resources go. What happens if I told you that you can have another Nokia Lumia that has the same processor and is cheaper than the 920? SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER.


You don't believe me? You can check out the full spec comparison at Phone Arena. The accessories are pretty much the same too. Yes, I meant the wireless charger. The great difference would have to be that the 920 has a stronger camera, and stronger standby time. If you're testing out the waters but don't want to be disappointed, I'm pretty sure you can just rule those advantages out. Another thing on the cheaper Lumia, I don't think that there's any assurance that they'll still be supported with Windows updates. (And you know this trend.)


Hmmm.. All this talk makes me just want to write more about the Lumia 820. Let's see about that!

For now.. Keep your heads stuffed and your pockets too!

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